PAC Executive & Information

2020/2021 Parent Advisory Council Executive

Laura Prosko, Interim President/ Chair
Kendra Delichte, Vice President/ Vice Chair
Jennifer Velez, Secretary
Cameron Eggie, Treasurer
Kendra Delichte, District PAC (DPAC) Representative
What is PAC?
PAC stands for Parent Advisory Council- and we are a group of parent and administration representative volunteers who create and decide on what fundraising efforts are required to fulfill student and teacher needs during the school year.
PAC allows you to:
  • Participate in the school life of your child
  • Share your concerns
  • Give input on financial decisions
  • Assist with events and activities
  • Interact with other parents
What does PAC do for your kids?
Where our fundraising $ goes this year:
  • Kindergarten Welcome Day
  • $ given to each classroom to spend at their discretion
  • Teacher appreciation
  • Gym equipment like a crash mat & bussing to sporting events
  • Sleds for all grade levels
  • Artists such as Rik Leaf
  • $ for the Lion King musical and/or dance classes
  • Christmas hampers for families in need
  • “Givebacks” such as school-wide meals
  • Celebrations such the as chalk for the Diversity Celebration
  • $ bursaries for 2 graduating NPSS students that attended École Central School
  • Other future goals: document cameras, iPads, playground renos, support for ongoing activities
How do we make Money????
Ongoing Fundraising Efforts:
  • DFS and poinsettias in the Fall
  • Hanging Baskets and Art Cards in the Winter/ Spring
  • Athletic raffles
  • Canteens
  • Cash donations
  • Future fundraisers: Steeped Tea, highway and community cleanups, yard sales, oranges, Mabels Labels, other ideas
Possible Donations:
  • If your family or business is looking for a donation opportunity for tax purposes- we would happily accept any amount to help reach our goals.
*Volunteers are always needed to ensure successful results for these efforts!*
Are PAC meetings boring?
  • Never!!! We need you at the meetings! Come see what all the fuss is about! Every parent is considered to be a PAC member, regardless of whether you are able to attend meetings or not. Meetings are held each month alternating on the first Wednesday of the month after school at 3:15pm and the first Thursday of the month in the evening at 6:30pm and we provide FREE babysitting.
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