Final Week 2018/19 – Important Reminders & Dates

Final Week 2018/19 – Important Reminders & Dates

Here are a few dates and reminders heading into the final week of the 2018/19 school year.

1) Tuesday June 25th 2019 – FUN Day – Our annual end of the year fun day will start after recess and run for the remainder of the day. Students will be outside for the majority of the day so remember water and sunscreen. PAC will also be providing a burger for lunch. Hawaiian Day – This will also be Hawaiian Day so students can come to school in their best Hawaiian Outfit. 

2)  Wednesday June 26th 2019 – Festival of Colours – We will be once again be celebrating the Festival of Colours. For those that have not participated before the Festival of Colours is an event where we celebrate Diversity by throwing chalk in the air. We ask that students bring clothes on that day that they don’t mind getting dirty. On this day we will set expectations/ get classes ready to head outside at around 2pm. Classes will then head out to the designated area for Festival of Colours (Primary line-up area) and celebrate with coloured chalk and music. We will be having the festival of colours out in the primary courtyard with lots of space for all families interested in coming and taking part.

3) Thursday June 27th 2019 – Last Day of School for students. Students will be dismissed at 11:50 am. On the last day we will have students go to their classrooms first thing in the morning. Our graduation/final assembly will take place starting at 10:50am Students will then return to classes to receive report cards.

A reminder that no report cards will be given out early. If you are not able to pick it up on the last day you can leave a stamped self addressed envelope at the office and we can mail it out.

2019/20 School Year

Tuesday September 3rd 2019 – First Day of school for the 2019/20 School Year. Students will be dismissed at 10:50 on this day. Those returning to Central will start by coming to the gym when the bell goes in the morning. At this point students will be placed in their classrooms and they will head there until dismissal.

Wednesday September 11th 2019 – This will be the first day for kindergarten students for the 2019/20 school year. Kindergarten teachers will be in contact with you prior to this date.